Parent a dude!

The mission 3 Dude Deadline has now passed (1.4.15), sorry… 

For mission 3 parents, make sure you’ve completed all the steps to perfect parenthood!

  1. Get in touch by sending us some basic info here
  2. Download and print the Little dude template
  3. Have fun bringing your Little dude to life, however you please!
    (Either use the template base, or recreate the form from other materials.)
  4. Register your dude, telling us his/her story here.
  5. Post or deliver your dude by April 1, 2015 (please mark your name!) to either:
    Berlin: Little dudes, c/o Mitosis Coworking, Weserstrasse 165, 12045 BERLIN, Germany.
    *IMPORTANT: If posting with signature required, please address to Alexis Bainger
    London: Little dudes, c/o Beyond Red, Somerset House, The Strand  London WC2R 1LA
    *IMPORTANT: If posting with signature required, please address to Sam Hiscocks 
  6. Optional fun: Create a little stop motion animation/video/animation of your dude! We´d love to see the dudes come to life, so why not have a go? We´ll screen all the videos at the auction. It will be super cute!

Every dude will be part of the collaborative exhibition and will be available for adoption in a charity Auction. A lovely mission 3 book will also be produced, showcasing the Little dudes.

The rules? There are no rules!
Be as creative as you possibly can. The little dude doesn’t need to be constructed out of paper, you can recreate him out of any material, add, subtract and apply any medium… Perhaps you want to recreate the little dude out of plywood or plastic or concrete, grow grass out of him or knit him a jumper! You can add arms, fur, a tail, build him a house, whatever you like. Encapsulate your dude in your awesomeness and make him proud!

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