Get inspired

Firstly, to get involved: download the dude template and send us a message so we can designate you one of the 93 dudes on this mission and add you to the artists page.

Be as creative as you like. The little dude doesn´t need to be constructed out of paper, you can recreate him out of any material, add, subtract and apply any medium… Perhaps you want to recreate the little dude out of wood or plastic or concrete, grow grass out of him or knit him a jumper! You can add arms, fur, a tail, build him a house, whatever you like.
Encapsulate your dude in your awesomeness and make him proud!

Here are some links to start the ideas flowing:
Paper toy, French paper toy love
Schaffas, An Australian project by the talented guys of Screamdance
– super awesome paper toys
My plastic heart, designer toys



Feel free to add any cool sites below…


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