Join Mission 2

Update: Mission 2 is now over… Stay tuned for mission 3, which will be celebrated in 2015.


Want to parent a dudes and get him safely to Berlin by May 15th, 2014?

Here´s how:

1. Send us a message so we can add you to the artist/parent list and keep you up-to-date.
2. Download and print the Little dude template, (found on the right side of this page).
3. Have fun bringing your Little dude to life, however you please! (see below)
4. Fill out the Dude´s info .pdf or word doc and email it to by May 15th
5. Post or deliver your dude by May 15th, 2014, to Little dudes, c/o A.Bainger, Weserstrasse 165, 12045 BERLIN, Germany.
If you wish to deliver him in person, best on Mon–Fri, between 9:30–19:00.  

The rules? There are no rules!
Be as creative as you possibly can. The little dude doesn’t need to be constructed out of paper, you can recreate him out of any material, add, subtract and apply any medium… Perhaps you want to recreate the little dude out of plywood or plastic or concrete, grow grass out of him or knit him a jumper! You can add arms, fur, a tail, build him a house, whatever you like. Encapsulate your dude in your awesomeness and make him proud!

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