About the Dudes

Collaborative Exhibition + Book + Charity Auction
Little dudes is a collaborative project of creatives, invited from across the globe to give life and personality to a little dude, in order to help the world.

To see the Little dudes story with pictures, open this PDF.

Every year, a rocketful of Little dudes (about 100) come from Dudeland on a mission to bring love, generosity and a little joy to earth.

The dudes, white and fresh from Dudeland, are scattered around our world, and seek out parents to nurture and prepare them for their mission.
Just like children – little sponges, they absorb all the love, creativity and fun that their parents share with them. They quickly develop their own unique character and personality. The results are quite extraordinary!

Eventually, the time comes when each of the Little dudes must be sent to the Grand Reunion Party, to share their stories and celebrate their mission.
At the Party, the dudes are put up for adoption in a charity auction, raising funds for less fortunate little beings here on earth. Each dude comes with its own birth certificate.

To document every mission, a beautiful book is compiled, showcasing all of the Little dudes, with their heart warming stories and parents info. To buy the books, from missions 1 and 2, click here.

The Little dudes project is run completely by volunteers. Every penny or cent raised from the missions goes to help less fortunate Little dudes here on earth. The first two missions supported: Action Against Hunger, IFAW and Save the Children. Mission 3 is supporting Mary´s meals.

Mission 1, in 2013 was the first Little dude mission. Creatives from over 25 countries parented dudes, who reunited for the exhibition and auction in Berlin. 
Mission 2 took place in early 2014, with Little dudes being born in 29 countries around the world and again reuniting in Berlin.

Mission 3, 2015 is open to Join now! The Little dudes will reunite in Berlin and London! >

The original dudes
The dudes back in Dudeland