Dudes have landed!

We are proud to announce that a third troupe of Little dudes has touched down safely from Dudeland! This time their mission has grown, and they´ll celebrate in both LONDON and BERLIN!

Details of their Grand Reunion Parties will be released very soon.
In London it will take place on Thursday May 14, 2015. 
In Berlin on Friday May 22, 2015.

On this mission, the Little dudes aim to help unfortunate little beings through Mary´s Meals. Mary´s meals feed the world poorest children. It costs just £12.20 / 14€ to feed a child for a whole year! That means, you´ll be able to feel responsible for feeding several children just by offering your talent and love to a little dude!

Contact info

Little dudes chaperone: sam.hiscocks@beyond.red
Click here to download the London template
Post dudes to this address by April 1:
Little dudes HQ, c/o Beyond Red, Somerset House The Strand  London WC2R 1LA
*IMPORTANT: If posting with signature required, please address to Sam Hiscocks

Little dudes Godmother, Alexis: littledudes14@gmail.com
Click here to download the Berlin template
Post dudes to:
Little dudes HQ, c/o Mitosis, Weserstrasse 165, Berlin, 12045
*IMPORTANT: If posting with signature required, please address to Alexis Bainger

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