Financial Report Mission 2

The Little dudes second mission was another success, with a great crowd of guests, an amazing variety of dudes and a lot fun. Over 1000€ was made in the Auction, and 500€ was dontated to each Save the Children, and IFAW.

The dudes are honest little guys and believe in complete transparency, so have put together a financial report, which is open for all to view, and see how your money was used.

FileType-Pdf-icon LD_financial-report_2 (pdf)

Throughout the Little dude missions, we try to keep costs to an absolute minimum. We use our personal networks to find kind hearted volunteers who offer their skills in each stage of the process (photographers, djs, journalists, SEO help, marketing pros, bloggers etc). With everyone donating their time, the only costs are goods/services that we can´t avoid.

If you have any questions, just let us know!

Mission 2 was possible thanks to:
Each of the artists for all the time and love they spent being loving parents to their little dudes.
Auctioneer & Driver: Wendelin Gross
Photography: Jana Schwerdfeger (
DJs: Ray Mann ( and The Torpedo Brothers, (Andreas & Christoph Kinkeldey), DJ Rute (, Yagi Town & Jana Schwerdfeger.

Writers: Lea Vogel ( & Marie J Burrows
Event team: Meritxell Gimenez, Camala Chambre, Leonie Schaefer, Geraldine Pastor, Daniel Marhuenda, Sarah Baxter, Lea Vogel, Wendelin Gross.
Venue: Villa Neukolln
HQ: Mitosis Coworking for welcoming the Little dudes and being Little dudes HQ
Organisation, design, web, social media, book production: Alexis Bainger