How the little dudes will save the world

The Little Dudes will be making the world a better place long into the future…

The Little dude´s have been sent on a mission from Dudeland with good intentions.
Their journey was long and tiresome so they have become white and jaded. Hence, creatives are taking responsibility to bring the dudes to life, giving them personalities and love… Then they will be ready to start their mission!

The parent creators will set the Dude´s on their mission, by putting them up for adoption at the exhibition. They will be auctioned to happy new parents, with the money going to the charity selected by the birth parent.

The world saving mission does not end there… In future years, if the adopted parent decides its time to sell his original art piece dude on, 10% of the money must again go to the chosen charity.

Each Dude comes with an adoption certificate and a number. A record will be kept online with the numbers and parents name and location. When the dude changes hands the new parents info will be added. That way the birth parent, or previous adopted parent can always see where in the world the little dude is continuing his mission.

The chosen charities:

charity-sqare-animal  charity-square-water charity-square-food

P.S. The little dudes have some more earth saving ideas for future missions… Stay tuned.